Value added extras

bonus buttonAs your partner we believe that where we can add value, we should. So we offer our clients a range of extra services, many at no additional cost:

  • One to one coaching in a variety of formats – for example, we take clients’ employees on ‘audit experience days’ so they gain a deeper understanding of what is required for success. These are invaluable for new employees at all levels of seniority but also for coaching existing employees who are performing poorly in specific aspects of the business. We find that the experience swiftly improves the individual’s performance, builds positive relationships and often they become advocates for what we are trying to achieve.
  • Team coaching – we can deliver audit feedback and coaching at your area or management meetings. This is an ideal way of making financial standards a regular agenda item and supporting shared and collective learning.
  • Functional reporting and analysis – in addition to our core audit reporting, we can provide detailed performance reporting, specifically tailored to the needs of Operations, Finance or Human Resources departments.
  • Communication – we draft procedural manuals and assist in the formulation and communication of policy.
  • Investigations – we can conduct investigations on security and fraud issues, providing any reporting requested by external authorities and internal departments.